15 Best Sensitive Stomach Dog Foods for Upset Stomachs

Tummy troubles are common in dogs. Most of the time dog’s digestive troubles can be solved by switching your pet’s diet and the right food for dog upset stomach. Finding the best sensitive stomach dog food brands is a time-consuming matter because you need to scan all the ingredients to find those with least irritants. These fifteen … [Read more…]

Can Dogs Drink Milk?

Back from when we were kids, we heard stories and saw commercials telling us about numerous benefits of milk, and we generally assume that the same benefits can stretch towards our dogs. But can dogs drink milk? Sometimes – depending on the specific dog – yes, they can; however, most times, the answer is probably … [Read more…]

Can Dogs Eat Hard Boiled Eggs?

With a long list of human foods that we should never give our dogs, such as almonds, grapes, and chocolate, eggs are actually great for our pets. In fact, dogs have had eggs as part of their diet for a very long time. So the answer is YES – dogs can eat hard boiled eggs, … [Read more…]