Blake Shelton And His Dog Are A Celebrity Power Couple

If you’re a fan of The Voice or if you were a fan of country power mullets back in the day, then you know this hunky dog dad. His baby blues, scruffy face, and simple innocence make Blake Shelton completely irresistible! Plus, his love for his dog, Betty, doesn’t hurt.

Blake Shelton incorporates dogs in many of his songs, like his recent hit, “I’ll Name The Dogs,” and his classic, “Ol’ Red.” But, did you know that he really is a dog lover in real life? He and his ex-wife, Miranda Lambert, found Betty on the side of the road in Oklahoma in 2013. Miranda made her exit from Blake’s life shortly after that, but Betty was there to stay.


Now, I tried to get through to Blake when he was single and ready to mingle, but apparently, he isn’t into average, tone-deaf women. So, he went with Gwen Stefani instead, which is okay because Betty completely loves Gwen as much as Blake does.


Betty Is Always Up For Blake’s Nonsense

Betty is by Blake’s side no matter what Blake’s up to. Whether he’s tending to his farm (I swear, he does that still), promoting his vodka, or recording the next big hit, Betty is always by Blake’s side. She gives him kisses and gets serenaded by him whenever she can, and to be honest, I’m jealous. It’s not the first time I’ve been jealous of a dog’s life. I would love to spend my life on a farm, getting fed snacks, and being cuddled by Blake Shelton every chance possible. Confession: I probably wouldn’t be as nice to Gwen as Betty is. This is why dogs are better than humans.


She Is Even A Business Mogul Like Her Dad

Betty even made her debut on the music scene during Blake Shelton’s music video, “Nobody But You.” Betty did what she did best and snuggled up with her mom and dad on the couch and was just completely adorable. Someone get the Grand’ Ol Opry on the horn and get that pup a spot on the stage!


Speaking of stage time, Betty even made a debut on The Voice with her dreamy dad. She climbed up into Blake’s chair and proudly sat for the camera like she owned the place.


When she isn’t making music videos or elevating the cuteness of The Voice set, Betty can be found taunting her dad to play a thrilling game of tag or doing work on the farm with Blake – though he admits she is not the best helper. With a face that adorable, I imagine you can get away with pretty much anything! Right, Blake?

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