Why Do Some Dogs Like Hugs And Not Others?

Advertisement For every article out there that tells you that dogs like hugs, there’s another one that says they don’t. You may have a dog who leaps into your arms every chance they get, or one who prefers having their bubble to themselves – and neither is unusual. So which is it? Do dogs like … [Read more…]

Halloween Costumes for Dogs and Their Owners

Halloween is my favorite holiday. Sure, I love Thanksgiving because I get to eat amazing food. I love Christmas because there is something about the Christmas spirit that makes everything better. And, I love Easter because the candy is phenomenal. But, I have always loved the ability to be someone or something else for a … [Read more…]

Halloween Dog Costume Ideas

In this day and age, as busy as life can be, who doesn’t need help with Halloween costume ideas for dogs? After all, 179 million people have Halloween plans and 31 million people will dress up their pets for Halloween (according to the New York Post) Planning a doggy costume party or costume contest? Looking … [Read more…]

10 Dog Park Rules Every Pup Parent Should Know

Advertisement With dogs of all breeds and personalities running around and making new friends, dog parks are supposed to be places full of fun and socialization. There’s freedom to run unhindered by a leash, other dogs to race and wrestle, and opportunities for both mental and physical stimulation. These are the things you expect when … [Read more…]