Beagle Adopts Baby Possum After Losing Her Puppies

Dogs are very protective over their loved ones, but those loved ones are typically just humans and other dogs. However, Molly the Beagle loves a baby possum! Molly recently had a litter of puppies that died at birth, which was heartbreaking for her. While she was looking for her puppies, she came across a baby … [Read more…]

8 Must Know Emergency Dog First Aid Procedures

You buy high-quality dog food, keep up with regular veterinary visits, and vaccinate your pup against infectious diseases. You do everything you can think of to keep your furry BFF safe and healthy, but do you know how to perform dog first aid? Are you prepared to act if your pet stops breathing or goes … [Read more…]

Recipe: Pumpkin Turmeric Dog Treats for Arthritis

[embedded content] One of the best ways to help a dog suffering from arthritis is through proper nutrition. It’s important to feed arthritic pets a diet that fosters a healthy weight and includes ingredients that reduce swelling and inflammation. These pumpkin and turmeric dog treats for arthritis are made with some superfood ingredients to help dogs … [Read more…]

Heart Evangelista Helps Dogs Rescued From Taal Volcano

When the Taal Volcano in the Philippines began causing destruction, many people were forced to flee. Sadly, many animals were left behind in the chaos. Some of these animals didn’t survive, but others were more fortunate. Thanks to Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) and their spokesperson, actress Heart Evangelista, many dogs and other animals were … [Read more…]

Teenage Boy With Cancer Searches For Lost Dog

The Martin family of Algonquin, Illinois has three amazing dogs, all of which are loyal members of the family. However, Xena the Coonhound-Rhodesian Ridgeback mix has a special bond with 13-year-old Jack Martin. Their bond became even stronger when Jack was diagnosed with stage 4 Ewing’s sarcoma, which is a rare bone cancer. So, when … [Read more…]