Review: Heed Foods Prebiotic Dog Food

[embedded content] We’ve seen a trend with subscription dog food services over the last several years. More and more pet owners are looking for high quality foods that can be delivered right to their door. We live in the age of convenience, and Heed Foods is doing their part to bring quality pet nutrition to pet … [Read more…]

How to Switch Dog Food

[embedded content] From time to time, you’ll need to transition your dog to a new diet. Whether it’s because of a change in age, a health condition or just the fact that you’d like your dog to eat a healthier diet, you need to know how to switch dog food properly. When done incorrectly, your … [Read more…]

How To Stop A Dog Thief

Globally, dog theft has been on the rise for the past few years.  So if you think your dog isn’t at risk… you may want to THINK AGAIN! Dog theft is devastating to loving pet owners.  It can bring your life to a standstill and can cause devastating depression. Let us face it, it is … [Read more…]

Recipe: Sweet Potato Dog Treats

[embedded content] Sweet potatoes are a complex carbohydrate that are filled with vitamins and minerals required for a healthy canine diet. They offer a natural energy source and are easy to include in homemade dog food or treats. These simple sweet potato dog treats are easy to prepare and appetizing to most pups. Sweet potatoes are … [Read more…]

Dog With Head Injury Found Hiding In A Drain

Dogs are creatures who still rely largely on their instincts. It’s why they follow you to the bathroom, chase squirrels, and bark at the UPS guy. Usually it’s fun to watch our dogs behave like they’re still in the wild. But when you’re a pup living on the streets, those instincts become extremely valuable. Zeus, … [Read more…]

Dog Or Hooman? You Be The Judge

They say that dogs and their people start to resemble each other after a while, but this pup’s face just looks strikingly… human! Yogi is an adorable pooch whose photo is making dog lovers scratch their heads. Sure he’s a breed mix, but does that include being part person? Image Source: Chantal Desjardins Actually, 1-year-old Yogi … [Read more…]