The Color Of Your Labrador’s Coat Could Help Predict His Lifespan

Advertisement A recent study published in the journal, Canine Genetics and Epidemiology, has worrying news for a third of the world’s lab lovers. Researchers at the University of Sydney found that chocolate labs have significantly shorter lifespans than their black and yellow brothers and sisters. Labrador Retrievers (of all coat colors) are the long-standing favorite breed in … [Read more…]

8 Weird Things Dogs Do When They Poop

Advertisement Watching our pups poop is a big part of every dog parent’s life. The frequency, color, and consistency of their “offerings” tell us a great deal about their health, so we dutifully pay attention whenever our pooches assume the position. You may have noticed when dogs poop they often perform a number of behaviors … [Read more…]

CBD Oil for Dogs: Is It Worth the Money?

CBD oil has been getting a lot of press lately. So you may be wondering:  does it really deliver on its promise to reduce pet anxiety, restore arthritic joints, and even reverse the growth of cancer cells?  Or, is CBD oil just another overblown fad? It’s normal to wonder whether these products are safe, worth … [Read more…]

How To Teach Your Dog To Play Nice With Other Dogs

Advertisement The idyllic picture of dogs playing together at the park is something every pup parent wants. You can see the joy on your dog’s face as he makes new friends and stimulates his body and mind. That vision is shattered, however, at the first sign of rough play. Your dog growls, bites, tackles, and … [Read more…]

Atlanta Considers Bill To Ban Sale Of Pets From Puppy & Kitten Mills

Advertisement This week, three Atlanta City Councilmembers introduced a bill to ban stores from selling animals from “puppy and kitten mills.” The legislation will move to the Public Safety Committee for consideration at the meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 23. Councilmember Amir Farokhi spearheaded the proposal, and it was co-sponsored by Councilmembers Carla Smith and Natalyn Archibong. Farokhi … [Read more…]

Recipe: Homemade Doggy Chili (for pups and people)

[embedded content] Most experts on canine nutrition will tell you that homemade dog food is the only way to provide your companion with proper nutrition that will meet his exact needs. If done properly, feeding your dog a homemade diet will provide proper nutrition throughout every stage of his life. This homemade doggy chili won’t be appropriate … [Read more…]

10 Things To Think About Before Bringing Home A Big Dog

Advertisement Bringing home a dog—regardless of size—will always take planning and forethought. There are toys to buy, a house to dog-proof, and sorting through potential vets can be a job within itself. Your new family member will always require special attention and care, but there’s no denying the fact a 120-pound Newfoundland is not the … [Read more…]