Preventable Deadly Virus Spreading in the Midwest. Is Your Dog Protected?

Indianapolis Animal Care Services (IACS) sent out a grave warning yesterday to dog lovers everywhere. In the past week alone, the shelter has seen dozens of dogs at their intake doors infected with canine parvovirus. Canine parvovirus is completely preventable with a routine vaccination. While the benefits and risks of vaccines have been debated, especially … [Read more…]

Kibble Your Dog is Going to LOVE

The best love is the best food, and the best food should be available to ALL furry friends: small and large, purebred and mixed, stray and rescue. Pet food brand “I and love and you” celebrates the incredible bond between human and pet. It’s why they’re called “I and love and you.” At iHeartDogs, we … [Read more…]

Recipe: Homemade Dog Food with Cottage Cheese

[embedded content] Making your dogs meals from scratch offers you complete control over the ingredients in his diet. It also allows you to cater to Fido’s nutritional needs 100%. This homemade dog food with cottage cheese is not only tasty, it’s packed with essential vitamins and minerals that your dog needs. Cottage cheese may seem like … [Read more…]