5 Important Steps To Take When You Witness Animal Cruelty

Advertisement Adopting, volunteering, and donating are all part of being an animal advocate, but there’s another important piece of that puzzle. Dogs rely on compassionate people to speak up for them. They need neighbors, friends, and random strangers to recognize the signs of trouble and do something about it. Whether it’s a case of neglect … [Read more…]

The 10 Hidden Dangers For Dogs Over the Holidays

From poisonous chocolate and Christmas tree water, to hazardous open flames and pine needles, holiday celebrations can present a number of hidden dangers to pets. Here, our friends at PetBucket, the online retailer of flea, tick and worming treatments, reveals 10 hidden dangers for dogs that all pet-parents need to be aware of over the holiday … [Read more…]

Top 10 Military Dog Names For 2018

Advertisement Military families come in all shapes and sizes. They’re big, small, come with dual-military parents, single parents, and more than a few have their fair share of fur. Military pets, dogs especially, travel the world with their humans moving from one assignment to another. They watch their favorite people leave without knowing if they’ll … [Read more…]

Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers

Globally 57% of consumers around the world own pets (according to 27,000 online consumers whom GfK surveyed in 22 countries) .  Dogs are the most popular pets owned by 33% and cat owners make up 23% of pet owners.  https://stevedalepetworld.com/blog/world-pet-population-data-mixed-bag/ Even hard to buy for family, friends, and dog owners like personalized gifts.   And, what … [Read more…]