Recipe: Homemade Dog Food with Cottage Cheese

[embedded content] Making your dogs meals from scratch offers you complete control over the ingredients in his diet. It also allows you to cater to Fido’s nutritional needs 100%. This homemade dog food with cottage cheese is not only tasty, it’s packed with essential vitamins and minerals that your dog needs. Cottage cheese may seem like … [Read more…]

Thanks to You, Harvey Went from Hungry to Happy

Everyone loves a happy ending and it’s out absolute privilege to bring you success stories that are a direct result of your purchases through iHeartDogs. Our partnership with GreaterGood means that your every item you buy on our site makes a difference. Today we get to introduce you to Harvey, who was a recipient of … [Read more…]

Bone Broth for Dogs: A Pet Owner’s Staple

Bone broth today has become one of the most popular foods to feed our dogs, especially in recent years since us owners have become aware of many health benefits it provides. This dish is simple and easy to make, although it does take time to prepare it properly. Let’s talk about some of the health … [Read more…]

See This Pup’s Heartwarming Reaction When His Deployed Dad Sends A “Smelly” Shirt Back Home

Everyone loves a feel-good story about dogs’ reaction to their deployed pup parent coming home after months of being overseas. A dog named Brindle recently went viral after his mom shared photos and video the pup’s reaction to his dad’s ‘smelly’ shirt. Meet Brindle JD and Rachel Aument adopted Brindle from a shelter as a … [Read more…]