Rescuer Calls Him The “Most Shutdown Dog She’s Ever Seen” – But Wait Til You See Him Now!

Stewart’s story begins in the woods of rural Georgia where he was discovered chained to a tree with a thick leather belt buckled around his neck. Animal control officers brought the skinny, terrified pooch to the Whitfield County Animal Shelter. It was there that photographer and shelter volunteer, Rebecca Rood snapped this heartbreaking photo. Rebecca … [Read more…]

Blind Senior Dog Gets His Own “Seeing-Eye Puppy”

Charlie is an 11-year-old Golden Retriever who lost his eyes to glaucoma. His new disability didn’t change his happy-go-lucky personality, but Charlie’s parents say he began to move more slowly and stopped playing as much. But that all changed when Maverick came along! This gorgeous Golden fuzzball is Charlie’s baby brother, best friend, and seeing-eye-pup. … [Read more…]