Review: Inception Dog Food Wet & Dry Recipes

[embedded content] Selecting the right dog food for your pet is something that you should not take lightly. You need to have a conversation with your veterinarian about the nutritional needs of your dog’s breed and how many calories he’ll require based on his weight, energy level and age. Inception Dog Food is available in both … [Read more…]

Meet Eris, Dog Famous For Her 12.2″ Long Snoot

Get ready for the snootiest of all the snoots you’ve ever seen! A dog in Virginia possesses possibly the world’s longest doggie nose. To be more precise, Eris’ snout measures about 12.2 inches long. Her family speculates that her snout breaks all the records, but have yet to have that officially verified. Eris’ namesake is the … [Read more…]

Dog Siblings Share Hug After Being Reunited

Many dog parents wonder how good their dog’s memory is. Do they remember what life was like before they were with us? Do they ever think about their past? These kinds of questions often worry us, causing us to wonder if dogs think like we do. Scientists have often said that dogs can’t remember much … [Read more…]