Attention Loving Dog Has Her Own Sanitizing Station For Would-Be Petters

It’s not just us humans who miss socializing with others these days. Some doggies who love greeting strangers from their yards have had to adapt their routines, as well. Fortunately, the parents of a Beagle mix named Sparkle found a way to keep their girl happy during the COVID-19 outbreak. Consequently, anyone passing by who loves to pet pups benefits, too.

Sparkle, who loves being outside and making friends, is still able to do that thanks to her personal hand sanitizing station. Sparkle’s neighbor, Jennie Ross, posted photos of the sweet gal out on her porch awaiting pets in the Facebook group Dogspotting. This is the kind of content we dog lovers need right now, and the post got over 15,000 likes.

Ross told The Dodo what an incredible surprise seeing Sparkle out on the steps was.

“A few days ago, my boyfriend and I decided to go on a walk. We were about a mile or so from where we live, and my boyfriend gasped and told me to look to my right. We saw the sign and saw Sparkle on the front steps.”

A wooden post in the dog’s front yard contains a bottle of hand sanitizer and a sign. Sparkle’s sign reads:
“My name is Sparkle. I LOVE to be outside and meet people, all year! But I also go inside whenever I want. If you have questions, my tag has my adoptive mom or dad’s cell phone number.”
Jennie Ross via Facebook

With the proper precautions taken, Sparkle can get love, and passersby get the joy of petting her. What a brilliant idea! It’s also pretty generous of her parents considering how hard coming across hand sanitizer these days is.

“I thought she was just the sweetest thing. She was completely relaxed and was obviously having a wonderful day in the sun! The hand sanitizer and sign were a great idea. We love a socially responsible gal!”

More of Sparkle’s neighbors chimed in with memories of petting her before the outbreak. One commenter, Kate Lester, used to live down the street from this angel, she wrote.

“She didn’t always have a sign, glad she’s getting the recognition she deserves lol. She’s the cutest, I’d always stop to pet her and then end up sitting on the sidewalk for like 15 minutes.”

Tyler Bainbridge via Facebook

I’m so glad Sparkle can maintain her routine and bring joy to people who need it now. Remember to sanitize and keep washing those hands, everybody!

H/T: The Dodo
Featured Image: Jennie Ross via Facebook

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