Adoptable Dog’s Own Daughter Serves As His Guide Dog

It happens to many of us: our parents who once gave us life and raised us now need us to take care of them. It’s the cycle of humanity. But apparently, that time occurs in the lives of some dogs too.

A 2-year-old rescue pup named Pinky spends almost all of her time beside her biological dad, 5-year-old Flash. She doesn’t do this just because she loves him (though she does.) Pinky also serves as a guide dog for the now visually-impaired Flash.


The Animal Welfare Society in Kennebunk, Maine who graciously took these two in described the dogs’ close relationship on Facebook.

“Flash is visually-impaired so Pinky helps him navigate the world, which will come in handy as he’s learning how to get around their new home. They do love to be together and snuggle up close so if there is room in your heart and home for two snuggle-bugs, please come and meet Pinky and Flash!”

In short: without Flash there would be no Pinky. Without Pinky, Flash would be lost. They need each other, and they both need forever homes!

From Outdoor Wanderers To Indoor Snugglers

Before arriving at AWS, Pinky and Flash lived mostly outdoors and had little experience inside a home. That meant they needed help adjusting to household items like tables, chairs, and beds and had to be house trained. Now, they’ve pretty much got it all figured out (save for some sneaky chewing on non-chewable things, but they’re getting better every day!)

“They are ready to become the wonderful family pets you’ve always dreamed of! As they adjust to their new environments, they will forget that they ever lived outdoors and relish their happy and loving new home.”


Together Forever

Pinky’s guidance will be especially helpful to her father as he learns the layout of his new home. Well, “their” new home that is. These two simply must end up in the same forever home. Technically since they’re already a father/daughter bonded pair, you’d be joining their family just as much as they’d be joining yours.

If you have the patience to teach two adorable dogs the ways of the indoor dwellers, contact AWS today! The small price of $99 for this adoptable pair will be well worth it.

Should you need any further convincing, this video of Pinky playing with a toy might just seal the deal:

H/T: CBS 13 News
Featured Image: @AWSKennebunk/Facebook

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