Accidental Haircut Leaves Dog Looking Like A Piggy Bank

If our dogs understood household sounds, we’d be left without a lot of hilarious videos and pictures. Dogs fleeing from terrifying vacuums, dogs losing their minds at lawnmowers, and so on. These are the bizarre reactions that fuel us dog parents.

Two parents in the UK experienced this type of entertainment value when their Goldie reacted hilariously to electronic clippers. Joel Sharpe works in bomb disposal with the RAF. For this job, he isn’t allowed to sport a beard. Now at home, he decided to give facial hair a shot. His wife Rachel helped him trim it with some clippers. Unfortunately, the noise scared their [human] baby.

To show baby Christian the clippers are nothing to be afraid of, Sharpe pantomimed shaving the dog. Evie, a 4-year-old Golden Retriever, didn’t find the noise too thrilling either. As a result, she picked the exact wrong time to make a sudden movement… up into the clippers.

BZZT! In an instant, there goes a chunk of Evie’s head hair! Rachel shared photos of Evie’s unfortunate haircut in the Facebook group Golden Retrievers UK.

“Has anyone else had a shaving accident? Was trimming my husband beard and she came up behind me I was like oh yeah I’ll shave the dog (jokingly) and she moved her head and now has this line in her head.”

Rach Sharpe via Facebook

The post really resonated with the group’s members. Those adorable photos reached over 67,000 shares!

“What Have You Just Done?”

I guess you could say Evie’s mistake was a combination of curiosity and confusion, Rachel indicated.

“Evie does like to be close to us all the time but I think she was intrigued as to what we were doing. She sat right behind me trying to see what was going on and then this happened. She was just so bewildered with what happened and looked at me like ‘what have you just done’.”

Unfortunately for Evie, she just gave herself a pretty ridiculous looking haircut. Thanks to the active clippers, a 1.5-inch chunk of hair fell from the top of her head. This, as it turned out, looks exactly like the coin slot of a piggy bank.

Just look at this giant piggy bank of a dog! Her head slot fits a coin! I had a dog-shaped money box as a kid, but this one is way cuter.

Rach Sharpe via Facebook

Poor confused Evie had no clue how to react to whatever just happened to her.

“Because I was laughing and crying at the same time, she didn’t really know whether to be excited or worried.”

Since then, the tension has been resolved. It just took some treats to undo a bit of damage.

“I did have to bribe her with chicken. She was not happy with me all that night until I gave her some chicken, but she’s back to her happy little self again today.”

Rach Sharpe via Facebook

Sharpe also learned her lesson about pantomiming with a razor near the dog.

“I vow to never again pretend to shave my dog and leave the grooming and haircuts to the professionals, even though my husbands ‘beard’ looks pretty good I don’t think I would be able to say the same if I did his hair or my sons hair.”

Luckily dogs don’t usually understand how mirrors work either. It’ll grow back Evie!

H/T: Unilad
Featured Image: Rach Sharpe via Facebook

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