Abused Dog Overcomes All Odds And Helps Raise Over $10,000 For Shelter Dogs

People are capable of the most unthinkable acts, especially when it comes to animals. A 28-year-old Round Rock, Texas man has been accused of animal cruelty after witnesses say he tethered his dog to his truck, dragged him, and then intentionally ran him over. Maybe the punishment for this crime should be the same for him.

Owner Charged, Awaiting Trial

CBS Austin reported police responded to a home where they found a trail of blood almost a mile long. They also found Champ, a bull-terrier mix, severely wounded. Champ’s owner, Zager Zelaya-Rubio, was arrested and charged with cruelty to a non-livestock animal. This is a 3rd-degree felony in the state of Texas. According to court records, Zelaya-Rubio bonded out of jail and is awaiting trial.


Showered With Love and Chicken Nuggets

The Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter posted to Facebook their page on August 14th:

Champ is suffering from extremely painful and severe injuries on his paws, knees, legs, and thigh. His round-the-clock medical care is being provided by an outside vet clinic and is completely funded by donations.

The good news is that Champ has been receiving exceptional love and care in the hospital. This sweet boy appears to be making a miraculous recovery. Hospital staff have been treating him to cheese and chicken nuggets, and they have even snuggled him in warm blankets.

All Things Are Possible With Toys And Treats

The community has rallied together to show their support for Champ by donating toys, comfy blankets, and treats. Well over $10,000 has also been donated to help with Champ’s care. This money helps not only Champ but also all of his friends in the shelter so that each pup can receive all of the care that they need.

Nothing Can Keep Him Down

Despite his terrible injuries, Champ was able to stand and accept some well-deserved snacks just four days after the incident. He continued to enjoy his hand-fed snacks and back rubs. What may be more amazing than his drive to survive was his willingness to trust humans again so quickly. This courageous and loving boy is an inspiration.


Against all odds on August 21st, Champ was discharged from the hospital and was all smiles when he arrived at the shelter.

With all four paws wrapped in bright red bandages, a cone around his head, and some still visible scars, Champ triumphantly walked into the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter.

In Honor Of Champ

The hashtag #InHonorOfChamp has been started to keep people updated on Champ’s condition on social media. It’s also being used to show support for Champ and his friends at the shelter. Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter is currently caring for more than 40 animals looking for their furever home. Champ is not quite ready to go home with his new family yet, so the shelter is asking people to consider welcoming one of the other babies into their family #InHonorOfChamp.

If you are interested in helping Champ or one of his friends at the shelter, you can donate here.

h/t: Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter

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