A Tiny Hairless Puppy Shows Up At The Shelter With A Need To Cuddle

Pippa and her family came in to the shelter, all suffering from a serious case of mange. Though the entire family was riddled with itchy skin, little Pippa was the worst of all.

Poor little Pippa was covered in sores, and her skin was rough to the touch. Once her photo was shared with rescuers, she caught the eye of a local foster named Amanda Harris. Something in her knew she had to come to the aid of this helpless puppy, so she rushed to the shelter to pick her up to foster.

pippa puppy

Though Pippa’s body was so itchy and scabbed, all she wanted to do was cuddle with her new foster mom.

“She loves burrowing in blankets and cuddling more than anything in the world.There were moments where I’d peek in on her and wonder where she went, only to find her comfortably nestled under all her blankets. It’s super adorable.” – Amanda Harris

Harris took care of little Pippa around the clock. She needed daily medication, special baths for her irritated skin, and extra cuddles for to help get her through! As the weeks passed by, Harris was amazed by how quickly her little body began to heal.

pippa puppypippa puppy

Her once red skin began to fade, and her beautiful cream coat began to grow in. Along with her new fur, came her massive personality.

Amanda Harris has two large dogs at home, but Pippa never seemed to mind their difference in size. Like many other Chihuahuas, Pippa believed that she was quite large and fierce! She absolutely loved playing with her temporary sisters.

pippa puppypippa puppy

During her recovery journey, Pippa grew quite the fan base! Everyone was so amazed by her incredible transformation, and wanted to watch her find her forever home. Among her new following was an interested adopter named Terri Dickson. After seeing the array of adorable pictures throughout Pippa’s recovery, she knew she had to meet her.

pippa puppypippa puppy

Once Terri held Pippa in her arms, the rest was history. Pippa soon went to her new family home, and is settling in well!

Just like she always has, she loves nothing more than to cuddle at every given opportunity. This little pup sure did get the happy ending that she deserved!

pippa puppypippa puppy

We are so happy that Pippa found a loving family to call her own. She will never have to feel discomfort again!

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Image Source: https://www.facebook.com/atlantahumane/

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