11-Year-Old Twitter Star Virtually Pets Dogs During COVID

11-year-old Gideon Kidd is the genius behind the social media page titled “I’ve Pet That Dog”. For about 3 years, Gideon has gone around petting dogs and posting photos of them on social media. Fans loved seeing all these adorable canines, but with the coronavirus pandemic currently in place, it’s difficult for Gideon to continue his project.

So, Gideon decided to continue petting dogs virtually. Even though we need to stay inside, Gideon knew that he could still share his love for dogs on social media.

Image: @IvePetThatDog/Facebook

Petting Dogs Virtually

As the coronavirus situation began to get more serious, Rachel Braunigan, Gideon’s mom, decided that it was time to stop going outside to pet dogs. Usually, Gideon and his mom would go on walks or drive around to find dogs to pet. They always asked the families for information and stories about each dog. However, it’s hard to do that when you have to stay inside.

“With all that is going on right now, it seems wise for us to stay home as much as possible. Gideon is not giving up his project. But for the time being, he may have to make some changes,” posted Braunigan.

His mom went on to explain that Gideon would love to see pictures of everyone’s dogs instead. Before long, tons of fans began sending adorable pictures of their dogs to Gideon. Gideon and his mom soon became overwhelmed with adorable dogs to ‘pet’.

Image: @IvePetThatDog/Facebook

Every day, Gideon selects at least one dog that he would love to pet. It’s a hard choice since every dog is so cute, but he does his best to make a decision. Then, his mom prints off the dog’s photo and takes a picture of Gideon holding it.

Finally, Gideon makes a post introducing the dog that he’d like to pet. He gets some information about the dog from their family and introduces all his fans to the adorable dogs.

Gideon likes to choose a wide variety of dogs for his social media. He picks dogs of all different breeds, ages, and personalities. He has even showcased some dogs that are currently up for adoption.

Image: @IvePetThatDog/Facebook

Submit Your Dog’s Photo to Gideon!

Gideon is always looking for more dogs to ‘pet’ on his social media. So, feel free to send him a message with a cute photo of your dog. You can view his page on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. 

Of course, Gideon and his mom can’t respond to every single message they receive even though they want to. They are overwhelmed by the number of dogs to choose from, but they are ultimately grateful that they can continue this amazing project. Plus, Gideon loves seeing pictures of all the dogs.

Image: @IvePetThatDog/Facebook

“I feel happy about that. It’s kind of fun and nice,” said Gideon. “I really do miss petting dogs, but at least I still get to see the dogs, and I get to learn about the dogs.”

Gideon will continue to brighten people’s days with photos of dogs he’d like to pet. Being stuck at home isn’t going to stop him from loving dogs. Of course, when this quarantine is over, Gideon will go back to petting dogs in person too. All dogs deserve love and affection, so this young boy is determined to give them that.

Image: @IvePetThatDog/Facebook

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Featured Image: @IvePetThatDog/Facebook

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